Magnolia Animal Dentistry Accepting Nominations To Help Military Families This Holiday Season

Magnolia Animal Dentistry is accepting nominations of veterans or families of veterans to receive a special gift for their furry family members this holiday season. The three servicemen or women chosen will be provided with a complete dental cleaning and treatment package for their pets at no charge to them. This means that their dog or cat would receive blood work, a thorough physical and oral examination, dental cleaning, full-mouth digital dental x-rays, and any dental extractions necessary to bring their pet’s oral health back into top shape.

With thousands of American men and women deployed overseas, Jacqueline and Clay Myers (owners of Magnolia Animal Dentistry) wanted to find a way to give back. Hoping to start a seasonal tradition, Jacqueline and Clay are volunteering their time and the resources of their veterinary clinics to provide this special gift for military families.
“America is the greatest country on earth, and those who defend her deserve our gratitude; I hope this helps our veterans know that we’re thinking about them this holiday season and want to show our appreciation”, says Clay Myers. He says his deep respect for our military members is something that has been ingrained in him since childhood while hearing stories about his great uncles Clint, Warren, and James McNett who served in World War II. Clint returned home from the war, but Warren and James lost their lives in the Pacific Theater. Clay and Jacqueline decided to name their 3rd child Clint Warren in honor of their sacrifices.

The Myers’ want to say thank you for helping to prevent and treat disease in the family pet. Animals can provide a great sense of comfort to veterans returning home, and many pets suffer from oral pain and infection without their owners even knowing it. Dental disease affects approximately 80% of dogs and cats over age 3, and the American Animal Hospital Association recommends annual dental cleanings beginning around age 1 to 2. With the average cost of a veterinary dental cleaning in the Portland/Vancouver area being $400 to $500 or more, Magnolia Animal Dentistry is working to make this a viable option for pet owners to utilize on an annual basis with a dental cleaning package of $229. With locations in Vancouver, Washington, and Portland, Oregon, their focus on dentistry allows the practices to have lower fees. Their dental cleaning package includes anesthesia, dental scaling, oral examination, and dental x-rays, and by educating their clients on the importance of annual dental cleanings they help to prevent disease and reduce the risk of dental extractions. Dr. Myers hopes to take this burden off of a few military families this holiday season- “I hope that knowing their pet isn’t suffering from dental pain, and isn’t at risk of affecting their lifelong health from dental infection, will bring them peace of mind and comfort.”

Community members are encouraged to nominate deserving military families by completing the Magnolia Animal Dentistry Holiday Veterans Giveaway submission form available on their website. This form provides a place to share the veteran’s story or that of their family. Three winners will be chosen on December 16th. The deadline for nominations is December 10th, 2018.