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When and Why Your Pet Needs a Dental Extraction

You may not always know when your furry friend is in pain. Unfortunately, animals see illness as a sign of weakness and do all they can to hide their symptoms. Pets rarely show signs of dental issues. Dental problems usually come on gradually, and pets often learn to deal with the pain. You may wonder why your pet favors one side of the mouth when chewing or playing. It could be a sign of a severe dental condition.

Why Certain Dog Breeds Need More Regular Dental Cleanings

Your dog’s dental health is a crucial part of its wellness. Every dog owner must be proactive in maintaining their furry friend’s dental health.

8 Ways to Improve Your Cat's Dental Health

Good dental health is as critical to overall cat health as it is for humans. Poor dental health can lead to various problems, including tooth decay, gum disease, and systemic health issues. It is essential to take a proactive approach to dental care. Here are eight ways you can improve your cat's dental health:

What the Best Dog Dental Care Pros Do (and You Should, Too)

What do you need to do to maintain your dog's teeth? Let us examine what the best dog dental care pros do (and you should, too) that have helped keep dog's teeth white, bright, and healthy. 

When Should Dogs Start Dental Cleaning?

Your pet's dental care is an essential part of their overall well-being. Veterinarians recommend annual examinations to ensure that your dog is in good health. Dental disease is a common problem among dogs, with most pets developing periodontitis by three years.

The Terrible Consequences Of Ignoring

All pet owners know that regular veterinary care is important to keep their pets healthy. But what many don’t know about is the importance of annual dental care for their pets....

First off, you want to ensure that the undesirable behavior is not the symptom of a medical health problem. Not uncommonly, behaviors such as refusing to use the little box or excessive barking can indicate a larger issue. 

Hello dog owners! In case you didn’t know this Saturday, June 8th is the DOG DAYS OF SUMMER event at Dakota off-leash dog park in East Vancouver! We’ll be a vendor at the event providing free dental treats...

A Severe Result From Dental Disease

We recently saw a sweet, senior Chihuahua for a dental cleaning.  Unfortunately, he had suffered a severe consequence of periodontal disease…

Hello!  I thought I’d share this article with everyone.  It’s about human home dental care, but the same is true for dogs and cats!....